Pushing domains between Enom accounts

You don't need to follow the standard transfer procedure if you wish to transfer your domain to another Enom account. You can push your domain, which is instant and free. Nameserver, host records, and email services push with the domain. You can still push the domain even if it's newly registered or still under the 60-day contact change hold.

Important: Only the new account holder can push back once the push is successful. A domain can only be pushed between accounts every seven days. 

Enabling my account for pushing

Both the gaining and receiving accounts must be enabled for pushing. You will need to reach out to support to enable pushing through your account to another account.    

  1. Submit a verified support request.
  2. Enter Enable push for the subject.
  3. Write "Enable push on my account" under the description.enable_push3.png

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Pushing domains

You may find that some domains will not allow you to push them through the front end even if you have everything enabled. Should you encounter this, please submit a verified support request to support, and we will complete it for you.

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Select Domains at the top of the page, then select Bulk tools, followed by Bulk push.
  3. Or you can go to Bulk tools under reseller service.
  4. Then choose Push domains in bulk.
  5. Enter your domain(s) one per line and the gaining accounts login ID, then click Push domains.
    Note: The default is to push with contact information. Selecting the do not push option means the domain will take on the contact information of the gaining account.
  6. The only entity notified is the losing account's email address. The notification email has the following content:
Dear Jane Smith,

exampledomain.net was pushed from your account losingAccountUserName
to gainingAccountUserName:
This push was completed on 2017-10-12 12:09:36.770 PST.
Please keep this email for your records.

Enom, Inc.

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Error messages

There are several reasons why the push may fail. 


In this case, the gaining account has not filled out its contact information and will need to do so before the domain can be pushed successfully.

This message means that the domain was not in your account when the push was submitted. This often occurs if the push is attempted twice in rapid succession.

You will most often see this error if you have the domain listed for sale as a premium domain within your account or if the domain is in Hold status. You may need to contact support to determine why the domain cannot be pushed.

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