.ES domain policies

.ES is the TLD for Spain and is regulated by the RED.ES registry. The registry Whois lookup is at dominios.es.

Registration Requirements

 Requirement  Information
  • Customers must maintain interests or ties to Spain.
  • Be established in Spain.
  • Wish to aim all or part of their services at the Spanish market.
  • Wish to provide information, services or products culturally, historically or socially linked with Spain.
  • .ES or .COM.ES registrant eligibility.
  • Individuals.
  • Legal entities.
  • Organizations without legal entity.
  • .ORG.ES registrant eligibility.
  • Entities, institutions, and groups.
  • Must be non-profit.
  • May not be a legal entity.
  • Owner/registrant and administrative contact ID.
  • VAT ID:
    • NIF - Número de Identificación Fiscal (Tax ID number for either natural or legal persons).
    • CIF - Código de Identificación Fiscal (Company ID numbers).
    • DNI - Documento Nacional de Identidad (National ID document).
  • Alien ID:
    • NIE - Número de Identificación de Extranjero (Personal ID for foreigners).
  • Others - for a non-Spanish-resident contact. Can be a passport, driver's license or another national ID number.
  • Registrant type.
  • Natural or legal person
  • If the registrant is an organization (legal person), the registrant and admin IDs must differ.
  • If the registrant is an individual, leave the organization field blank when registering.
  • Administrative contact type.
  • Must always be a natural person.
  • The admin must sign in at nic.es to validate information, complete trades and transfers.
  • Leave the organization field of the admin contact at Enom blank during registration and contact updates.

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Registrant verification

Before registering or requesting a trade, check the format of the ID. If the registrant is an organization, verify the VAT ID at the European Commission website.

The .ES registry requires registrants (owners) to specify their registrant type and provide the associated registrant and admin IDs at the registry level during registration. The process is essentially a combination of the registrant verification procedure and WDRP, and registrants are required to complete the process within 10 days of being notified.

The registry notifies the admin contact to carry out the verification. If not verified, the domain will stop resolving. In addition, the "Name of Blocked Domain" will also display as Procedimiento de Cancelación (Cancellation Procedure) on the Whois lookup. After 30 days, the domain will be scheduled for deletion. Domains deleted for this reason can not be recoveredIf a domain is deleted, the registrant will be notified via email. This email will contain a link that outlines the verification process. The complete policy is outlined at the registry.

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Changing domain ownership (Trade)

If you are only changing the admin contact, you do not need to initiate a trade. You should be able to update the admin contact within the Enom account. If the admin ID needs to be updated, send a verified request to Enom Support with the new admin's contact details, ID type and code. 

Updating the registrant requires a trade. To begin the trade process,

  1. Send a verified request to Enom Support with the new registrant and admin contact information.
    Note: If the current admin email needs to be updated, specify that in the request. 
    • First Name:
    • Last Name:
    • Organization: (Optional)
    • Phone Number:
    • Address:
    • City: 
    • Country: 
    • State/Province: 
    • Postal Code: 
    • Email Address: 
    • Legal type: (Individual or organization)
    • Registrant ID type: 
    • Registrant ID number: 
    • Administrative ID type: 
    • Administrative ID number: 
  2. Once the trade is processed, Enom Support will reply with the registry contact handles for the new registrant and admin contacts.
    Note: The current admin can retrieve the contact handle via the .ES registry WHOIS
  3. The registry will email the admin contacts to approve or deny the trade.
  4. The admin contacts must sign in to the registry portal to complete the trade. Complete steps, including a user manual, can be found at the registry (Spanish here).
    Note: The current and new admin contacts will need to upload their photo ID at the registry during this process. They can request their registry portal password if forgotten.
  5. Once the admins have completed the trade, verify that the new handles are visible in the registry Whois.

In some cases, the registry may request additional documentation. The admin will need to work directly with the registry in those cases.

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Looking up the current contact handles

You can view the ESNIC ID through a Whois lookup.

  1. Enter the domain, then click Check or hit enter.

  2. A new page will be open to nic.es. Select View data next to the domain name.
  3. Complete the CAPTCHA and click Continue.
  4. The registrant, admin and technical contact handles should now be visible. 

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Retrieving the admin registry password 

  1. Navigate to the red.es login page.

  2. Click Retrieve password.
  3. Enter the contact handle, complete the CAPTCHA, then click Continue.

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Renewing a .ES domain

Automatic and manual renewals are possible 60 days before the expiry date. .ES domains are deleted 12 days before their expiry date. These domains do not have a grace period. After this date, the domain will go into redemption and require an additional fee, typically $250 US, to recover. If the usual redemption steps do not work, send a verified request to support agreeing to the redemption and renewal fees, and support can attempt to recover the domain for you.
Note: Do not renew .ES domains directly at the registry. Doing so will transfer the domain away from Enom. If you wish to return the domain to Enom, you will need to initiate a transfer back.

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Transferring a .ES domain

This ccTLD does not transfer using EPP keys/transfer authorization codes. It also does not support the concept of registrar locks. Instead, the administrative contact requests the transfer at the gaining registrar, and the registry sends a link to the admin contact via email to approve or deny the transfer.

The admin must approve the transfer within 10 days, or it will be cancelled automatically.

The domain's registration is extended by a year only if it is within 90 days of its expiration date when the transfer is completed.

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