Accessing the Digicert end-user portal

Customers who purchase Digicert or GeoTrust certificates can now access a self-service administrative portal. Users can revoke, reissue or download certificates from this interface without contacting Enom support.

Logging in

Once Digicert issues the certificate, the technical contact for the certificate will receive a unique link to sign in to the portal in this format:{UNIQUEKEY}. If the technical contact does not receive the link to the guest portal, try the following:

Before logging in, make a note of the reference ID or domain name and the technical contact email address on the certificate information page in the Enom account.

  1. Log in to your Enom or Enom Central account.
  2. Click Security.
  3. Select SSL certificates, then Manage.
  4. Choose the SSL certificate from the list.
  5. Make note of the Reference ID and the technical contact email address. Press Click to view under contact confirmation to see the email address.
  6. Navigate to the guest portal page. The guest portal has two fields to fill in with the technical contact email and reference ID or domain name on the certificate.
  7. Click Continue. Digicert will send the technical contact email address an authentication code. Use this code for the next step.
  8. Click Sign in. 
  9. You may need to click on the Order number to access the options for that particular certificate. You will then see the different options in the guest portal screen, including reissuing, revoking, and downloading the certificate.

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To reissue a certificate,

  1. Select the Certificate actions dropdown.
  2. Select Reissue certificate.
  3. On the next page, either paste the CSR into the CSR field or choose the Upload a CSR option. 
  4. Select your preferred DCV verification method from the dropdown. 
  5. Click Request reissue at the bottom of the page.
  6. Digicert will send an email to the approval email address if you choose the email DCV method. Click the link in the email and approve the certificate.
    Note: The email may go to the spam or junk mail folders. If you do not receive the email, attempt another validation method if possible. Otherwise, submit a verified support request with the certificate order number and the validation problem, and Enom support will assist.
  7. Once approved, the certificate will be emailed to the technical contact email address, visible under the Order details section in the end-user portal. It is also possible to download the certificate from the portal as well.

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To revoke a certificate,

  1. Click the Certificate actions dropdown.
  2. Select Revoke certificate.
  3. On the next page, enter a reason for the revocation, then choose Revoke.
  4. Click Confirm in the popup.
  5. After the revocation, please submit a verified support request to refund the certificate. Make sure to include the reference or order ID number of the certificate.

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To download a certificate,

  1. Click Download certificate as. 
  2. Select the option that best suits your situation, or choose More options.
  3. The popup has many options to download the domain, root, and intermediate certificates. Choose the option you prefer, then click Download.


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Generating a Site Seal

Certificates such as the GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium, True BusinessID, and the Secure Site series offer a dynamic site seal. Follow these steps in the guest portal to generate one for your website:

  1.  Select the Certificate actions dropdown.
  2. Choose Site seal from the dropdown.
  3. On the next page, select the desired site seal size.
  4. Install the Site Seal by copying or emailing the Site Seal code at the bottom of the page.
    Note: Enom support is not able to assist in installing your Site Seal.

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