Understanding domain statuses

Domain names can have several different statuses on them in their lifetimes. A domain's status is visible in a Whois lookup, and it can signify whether the registrant must take specific actions. It is essential to check a domain's status and understand what kind of action is required. 

Note: The statuses that begin with "client" indicate a registrar-level status. Those that begin with "server" indicate a registry-level status. The complete list of statuses and further information is available on the ICANN website.

Domain status What it means What to do


The domain was registered very recently. This is a normal status for a recently registered domain, and nothing needs to be done.


The domain has expired, and the registry has charged the registrar for an extra year of renewal.  Renew the domain with your current registrar or get the transfer key to move the domain to another provider. Alternatively, do nothing and allow the domain to be deleted or go to auction.
clientHold The registrar has taken action to cause the domain not to resolve in the DNS. Any websites or emails associated with the domain will be offline. If the domain is registered at Enom, contact legal@enom.com for further information and steps to remove the hold.
The domain is not able to be renewed. This status can sometimes be set automatically for domains outside their renewal period. Contact support for further information and to see what action, if any, is required to renew the domain.
The registrant or account holder has locked the domain from transfer. This status is normal, and most domains have it automatically enabled as a security precaution.
Note: Otherwise known as the registrar lock.
Follow these steps if you want to add or remove the lock and can access the domain in your Enom account. If you have a domain through a reseller, contact your reseller to remove the registrar lock.
Note: Google customers can unlock their domain by following this article.
The domain is unable to be updated. Contact support if you need to make any changes to the domain.
ok The domain is not under any particular status or lock. Nothing necessary. The registrant may want to enable the transfer lock on a supported domain.
pendingDelete The domain has gone through its grace and redemption periods after expiry and will be purged from the registry within five days. Once purged, it will be available to the general public again. There is usually no way to recover a domain in this status. On rare occasions, a redemption order can recover the domain.
pendingTransfer This status indicates that the domain transfer to another registrar has begun. The domain transfer can take five to seven days to complete and will do so automatically. If you need to cancel the transfer, speak to the gaining registrar. 
For TLDs with an expiry grace period, the redemption period can follow the grace period. There is typically an additional fee to recover the domain at this point. Many ccTLDs do not have a grace period and go immediately into redemption, sometimes before their expiration. If you have a direct Enom account, you can redeem your domain to recover it from redemption. If the domain is no longer in your account, submit a verified support request and agree to the redemption fee plus the renewal fee to have support attempt to restore the domain. 
Note: This status is not guaranteed, and a domain can be moved to auction in its redemption period, at which point it will not be recoverable except through auction.
serverHold The registry has taken action to stop the domain from resolving in the DNS. You will need to contact the registry for your domain. This status usually indicates a failure to comply with registration requirements or illegal activity on a domain.
The registry is preventing the domain from being renewed.
Note: This status can show up on domains that have recently been renewed, registered or are outside their renewal window.
Submit a verified support request so we can assist with investigating the status with the registry if necessary.

The registry is preventing the domain from being transferred. Submit a verified support request so we can assist with investigating the status with the registry if necessary.
The registry is preventing the domain from being updated.

Submit a verified support request so we can assist with investigating the status with the registry if necessary.

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