What does Escrow hold mean?

If you are trying to transfer a domain recently won in auction, you will see an error: Access Control Violation - Escrow hold. This auction lock is placed on domains won from NameJet.

The NameJet agreement states you will be bound by the registrar's registration agreement. Both the FAQ's and Auction Amendment highlight there is an escrow holding period know as an auction-lock, which prohibits the transfer of the domain. This provides time for the previous registrant to file an "expiration recovery" request to Enom's Legal department for evaluation. 

What is Auction Lock, and why is it placed on pre-release domain names supplied by Enom?

If a pre-release domain name is supplied by Enom, upon receipt of your auction payment, the domain enters an Escrow Holding Period known as an Auction Lock. This holding period lasts for approximately 45 days, following the completion of the auction. And the following conditions are placed on any domains in this status: 

  • The domain cannot be transferred to another registrar.
  • Pushes to another Enom account are not allowed.
  • WHOIS information can be updated to reflect the new registrant's contact information.
  • Updates to nameserver and host records are also acceptable

You can also set a domain password from the control panel, and ask your buyer to visit the Access Domain Management portal. They will enter the domain and password and will have the ability to update the password, their contact information, DNS and hosting records at any time.

Once the Auction Lock has expired, you can push the domain, or unlock and send them the EPP code to transfer the domain away. 

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