My domain was registered through Google workspace

When you register your domain with our reseller partner, Google Workspace, your services are split between Google and Enom. While Enom offers technical support to manage your domain, as a partner host, Enom cannot access your Google account information.

Important: If you require assistance renewing or cancelling your domain, contact Google Workspace directly. 

Confirming domain registration

You can use our reseller lookup tool to determine if your domain is registered with Enom through Google.
Note: You may have to rerun the search if you get an error.


Managing your domain

Finding your log in credentials

To manage your DNS with Enom, you will need your login credentials, which can be located in your Google console or by reaching out to the Google workspace. You can also reset your password for

  1. Sign in to the Admin console.
  2. Go to Menu, then Account, then Domains, and finally, Manage domains.
  3. Next to your domain name, click View Details in the Status column.
  4. Click Advanced DNS settings or Manage domain (for Google Domains).

Logging in to

To manage your DNS with Enom, you will need your login credentials, which can be located in your Google console or by reaching out to the Google workspace. You can also reset your password for

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your domain name without the www in the domain field, followed by your password.
  3. Check I'm not a robot and wait for the loading circle to change to a green checkmark in the reCAPTCHA field.
  4. Click the Login button.

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Unsuspending your website

If your website says it has been suspended, verification likely needs to be completed. After registering a new domain, a verification email is sent to the email address you provided during the Google Workspace account creation process. You have 15 days to click the verification link before the domain gets suspended.
Note: Once the verification is complete, it can take up to 48 hours for your domain to become active again.

Any future updates to the registrant's contact information, such as the first name, last name, or email address, will re-trigger this verification process.

Recovering an expired domain

You can verify if your domain has expired using a WHOIS lookup tool. 

There may be cases where you see that the Registry has added a year to the domain name, this is called the autoRenewPeriod. This grace period is provided after a domain name registration period expires and is extended automatically by the registry. Your domain still needs to be renewed.

Google cannot renew the domain for you; whether or not you have access to the email you registered the domain with (the registrant email), we can assist you with your next steps.

Access to the registrant email

If you have access to the registrant's email address for the domain name, you can email requesting that the domain be unlocked and send the transfer code. You can then transfer the domain to the provider of your choosing. We recommend

No access to the registrant email

If you do not have access to the registrant's email address, we can process an urgent renewal for you. You can create an account at Once the account is created, submit a verified support request agreeing to the renewal fee of $49.95 USD, we will renew the domain and then work on ownership of the domain name. You will need to provide us proof of association, such as receipts for payment of the domain or welcome letters from Google.

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