Reissuing SSL certificates

You may need to reissue your SSL certificate for various reasons, such as changing your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) or losing a private key. A reissue is free of charge and will replace your existing certificate.

Note: To reissue the certificate for a different domain name, you must purchase a new certificate. Contact support to have the incorrect certificate refunded if it is within 30 days of purchase.

Preparing for the reissue

To get your SSL certificate reissued, obtain the following information:

  • The domain name the certificate was purchased for.
  • The reference ID of the certificate.
  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select Security in the top menu, followed by SSL certificates and Manage.Manage_Certificate.jpg
  3. Click the domain name of the certificate you wish to reissue.Select_Certificate.jpg
  4. Make a note of the Domain and Reference ID fields.Reissue_Information.jpg

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Reissuing the certificate

If you have a GeoTrust or Digicert certificate, you can reissue the certificate through the Digicert end-user portal. This portal is also helpful with other aspects of SSL management, such as revoking and downloading your certificates. 

You will need to contact support to reissue Sectigo certificates. Log in to your account and submit a ticket. Include the new CSR you wish to use alongside the domain name and reference ID.

Important: The CSR has to be generated on the web hosting server and is not something we can provide.

Once the request is processed, you will have to approve the certificate using the approval email that was originally submitted. After approval, the final certificate will be sent to the administrative email.

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Reissue timeframes

The time it takes for an SSL certificate to be issued will vary depending on the type of certificate purchased.

Certificate type Reissue timeframe
Domain Validation (DV) Up to two days after owner approval.
Organization Validation (OV) Up to three days after owner approval.
Extended Validation (EV) Up to 10 days after owner approval. It can also take more time if additional documents are required for verification by the certificate authority.

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