.SG domain policies

.SG is the country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Singapore. It is administered by SGNIC.


TLD Details  
Registration is asynchronous
  • Placing a .sg registration order does not guarantee successful registration.
  • Enom will send a confirmation email to the account email address if the domain is successfully registered.
  • The process could take up to 48 hours.
Registration term
  • One to two years.
  • They are not supported.
ID Protect
  • SGNIC does not permit contact privacy, so ID Protect is not
  • available.
  1. Sign into your Enom account.
  2. Select Domains, then Register a domain.
  3. Enter the domain followed by Search.
  4. Select Add to cart.
  5. Choose Pre-configuration required.
  6. Fill in all required details, then Save changes.
  7. Select Checkout now.

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Contact requirements

TLD Details  
Registrant for .COM.SG
Registrant for .SG 
Administrative contact
  • Must be an individual from Singapore.
    Important: Leave the organization field blank during registration.
  • Admin must verify at SGNIC within 30 days of registration or after an ownership change (trade).

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Renewals and redemption

These domains can be renewed explicitly or automatically but are auto-renew by default. They have a delete-by date set to 10 days before the expiry date. The domain must be renewed before this date or go into redemption. The redemption period extends to 14 days past the expiry date, after which the registry will delete the domain.

If the domain has a server renew prohibited status at the registry, there may be an issue with the contact details on the domain. Submit a verified request with the domain name, and support will investigate.

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Enom does not accept incoming transfers of .SG domains, only new registrations. Outgoing transfers operate with a transfer authorization code provided to the gaining registrar. The domain must be in the OK or Expired status at the registry to permit a transfer. 

Ownership change

Updating the registrant's name or organization requires a trade, which is a manual process, .SG trades are free but can take several days to complete.

  1. Submit a verified support request with the following information:
    Domain Name:
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Phone Number:
    Postal Code:
    Email Address:
    Administrator ID number:
    Registrant ID number:
  2. The administrative contact must sign in and verify the contacts at the registry.
    Note: If the admin cannot see the domain, their ID number is likely not associated with the domain and will need to be updated.
  3. Once the trade is complete, let support know through the verified request to sync the contacts with the registry.

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