Troubleshooting the Enom API

Most API errors will provide you with enough information in their error messages to resolve them. A few API errors pop up frequently when setting up API access. If you see a timeout, try the call again after a few minutes.

The API error codes have detailed descriptions on the API documentation page, as do the registry-registrar protocol (RRP) response codes

Error typeExample error messageWhat it meansHow to resolve

Validation error

Err1=Bad User name or Password
ResponseCount=1 ResponseNumber1=304155 ResponseString1=Validation error; invalid ; loginid

The login credentials are not valid.

  • Make sure your call is using the correct API token and login ID.
  • Check if the credentials were for the live environment ( or the test environment ( Different tokens or passwords are used for the live and test environments.

Validation error

Err1=Invalid Registrant information.
Err2=Parameter value range error - 7037 - Invalid telephone number format. ResponseCount=1 ResponseNumber1=304145 ResponseString1=Validation error; invalid ; registrant contact
Note: other contact validation errors will provide similar responses.

The information being submitted does not comply with the domain's registration requirements.
  • The error code response string explains each error's causes. 
  • The RRP response codes (200, 210, 541) can also provide information about a particular API call.
  • Ensure the data submitted adheres to the registry's requirements for particular TLDs.

IP error

Err1=User not permitted from this IP address - [the IP address doing the call]. See Whitelisting your IP for the live environment for details
ResponseCount=1 ResponseNumber1=713254 ResponseString1=Policy error; unauthorized; user(s)
The IP address performing the API call has not been added to the Enom account.

SSL errors

Err1=500 - Unable to parse CSR.
Err2=Unable to retrieve CSR information ResponseCount=2 ResponseNumber1=620397 ResponseString1=System error; failed to send; ResponseNumber2=304224 ResponseString2=Validation error; invalid ; information

The example error indicates an issue with the CSR formatting.
  • Check your CSR using a CSR decoder tool
  • Ensure your CSR is properly formatted and encoded for the API call.
  • Other errors will show which part of the call is causing the issue.

Other errors

Err1=Failed executing CERTPARSECSR
ResponseString=System error; unknown; unknown
There may be an issue with the connection to a particular upstream provider or an internal problem with the Enom system.
  • These errors can often be transient, and you should first attempt the call again after a few minutes.
  • If the error persists, contact support for further investigation. Include the complete API call and server response in your support request.

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