Enom W-9 form

A W-9 is an Internal Revenue Service form to verify and certify that you are working with a legitimate business paying its taxes. This form is crucial when filing your taxes if you’re a contract worker, a freelancer, or self-employed. It remains valid unless there is a change or if any information on the form is incorrect, for example, a change in name or change in the type of entity. 

The basic information on a W-9 includes:

  • Vendor’s business name (or personal name if a sole proprietor).
  • Type of business.
  • Business employer identification number (EIN) or social security number.
  • A signature.

When are W9 forms required?

Completed forms can be sent to Abuse@enom.com. When submitting, please ensure your account login/username is included. W-9s are required only for business-to-business relationships where more than $600 is paid in the calendar year. The $600 rule applies to labor and services. A W-9 is required for total purchases over $5,000 for direct sales.

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