Why is my order or refill taking so long to process?

Our highest priority is to protect the security of your account, domain names and payment methods. To do this, we have multiple fraud-prevention checks in place. The first order of every account goes through a mandatory hold and can take up to 24 business hours to complete. This review can not be sped up or bypassed. 

My order has a status of "Pending Processing." What does this mean? 

Enom has various fraud-prevention checks and security for every transaction or order. Initial orders trigger a mandatory hold lasting up to 24 business hours. Some orders may require an additional internal review to complete as they may result in false positives. Should this happen, it may take a real, live human being in our Fraud and Account Security team to process an order manually. If this is necessary, it can take up to 24 business hours to process and complete your order to accommodate for their hours of operation.

What do I do if my order is in this status after more than a business day? 

Please contact us after allowing for the 24 business hours waiting period if you find that your order is still processing or has not completed. We can be reached by phone, chat or by submitting a verified support request.

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