Auto-renew-only domains

Certain Top Level Domains (TLDs) do not renew with the same behavior as Generic TLDs (gTLDs) and can be deleted or go into redemption before their expiry dates.

Viewing the renew-by date

  1. Sign in to your Enom account.
  2. Select Domains, then choose My domains from the dropdown.
  3. Click domain name text (not the checkbox next to it).
  4. Under the domain name, you will see the expiry date and auto-renew-by/delete-by date.
    Note: The delete-by date is also available through the GetDomainInfo API call.

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Auto-renew-only domains

Some TLDs do not have a manual renewal option. These auto-renew-only domains cannot be renewed by manually placing a renewal order.

The domain's auto-renew setting must be enabled before the auto-renew-by/delete-by date to renew the domain. The Enom system will automatically attempt a renewal 30 days before the expiry date. The auto-renew setting should be left enabled on these domain names unless you no longer wish to renew the domain.

If the auto-renewal fails, the domain will go into a redemption period. At that point, the account holder can usually recover the domain for an additional redemption fee.

Customers who use the API should use the SetRenew command to enable the auto-renewal setting before the auto-renew deadline. The Extend and UpdateExpiredDomains commands will not work with these TLDs.
Note: Domains with a negative delete-by date are deleted/go into redemption after their expiry dates. Each registry purges a domain after expiry in its own time, so the redemption periods listed below may not be an exact match to registry timelines.

Auto-renew-only TLD Delete-by date (days before expiry) Redemption Period (days after expiry)
.AT 4 0
.BE 3 32
.CH 10 14
.DE 1 32
.FR 10 14
.IT -11 0
.JOBS -42 32
.JP 10 0
.LI 10 14
.NL 3 40
.PL, .NET.PL, COM.PL 3 0
.TK 3 0
.VOTING -42 32


There are other TLDs that can be deleted before their expiration date. In contrast with auto-renew-only domains, customers can manually renew these TLDs before the delete-by date.

TLD Delete-by date (days before expiry) Redemption Period (days after expiry)
.AM 3 0
.COM.AU, .NET.AU, .ORG.AU 10 42
.CM 3 0
.ES 12 14
.EU 3 40
.GS 3 0
.IN -42 30
.MN -42 0
.NZ 3  
.PE, .COM.PE, .NET.PE, .NOM.PE, .ORG.PE 10 0
.SG 10 14
.TM -42 0

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.JP Renewal Rules

The registry sets the expiration date to the last day of the month in which the domain was created. The auto-renew by date is 10 days before the last day of that same month. For example, if the domain was registered on 02/06/2016 for one year, the registry and Enom system expiration date will be 02/28/2017, and the auto-renew by date will be 02/18/2017.

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