Closing your account

While we can not close accounts, they can be permanently disabled. Once the account is closed, it can not be reopened. A new account with a different login ID will need to be created.

Removing the account credit card

  1. Once signed into your account, select My Account, followed by Account settings.
  2. Scroll down to your credit card information and select Delete credit card.

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Deleting your account 

For historical tracking purposes, we do not delete accounts however, at your request, we can permanently disable your account.

  1. Once signed into your account, click Help.
  2. On the support center page, select Go to our support center.
  3. Press Submit a request.
  4. For your issue, choose or
  5. Use Close my account for the subject and acknowledge in your description that the account, and all services and domains tied to it, will no longer be accessible.
  6. Click Submit.

One of our agents will process your request and update you via email when it has been completed.

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