Change of registrant contact (COR)

Registrant contact information should be managed and updated as required. For gTLDs (.COM, .NET, etc.), registrant contact information is checked annually for accuracy. Enom emails registrants a yearly notice to ensure the registrant contact details we have on file are accurate. This email will also advise the registrant that the domain could be canceled if the contact information is inaccurate. The registrant email also receives the EPP key/Auth code when preparing a domain for transfer.

Change of registrant details

Change of registrant (COR) is an ICANN-mandated process and initially came into effect in 2016 as part of ICANN’s updated transfer policy. Under this policy, the gaining and losing registrant must approve any update to a domain’s registrant contact data via email. Enom acts as the designated agent (DA) for all registrants on our platform, per our registration agreement. Acting as the DA allows Enom to auto-approve any requested changes to the registrant’s contact information without them having to receive a request-for-approval email.

Change of registrant through your account

    1. Log in to your account.
    2. Select Domains from the headings at the top of the website, then click My domains from the dropdown.
    3. Click domain name text (not the checkbox next to it).
    4. Select Contact information from the Manage domain dropdown.
    5. Choose Custom so you can change the registrant email address for this particular domain.
    6. Click Save after making the modifications.
      Note: This page also allows you to modify administrative, billing, and technical contact if needed.
    7. You will be prompted to lock the domain for 60 days. To avoid the lock, uncheck the Enable 60-day transfer lock checkbox and click Proceed with changes.

Change of registrant through API

API updates are only available for Enom resellers. For API updates for domains, resellers can use the contact command. To ensure that you have opted out of the 60-day transfer lock, you will need to ensure that you include “IRTPOptOut=True." Doing so will omit the 60-day transfer lock on any changes made in the registrant contact for any ICANN compliant domain.

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