Sitelock features

SiteLock monitors your site and provides a 360-degree scan of the website, looking for any harmful infection to the site. This includes:

  1. Reputation monitoring: ensures the reputation of the website is intact and communication to visitors is uninterrupted.
  2. Malware blocklist: monitors search engine and proprietary malware lists to make sure the site is not blocked by search engines and browsers.
  3. Spam blocklist: ensures that emails reach customer inboxes. SiteLock verifies email addresses, domains, and email servers against lists used by popular email tools to identify spam.
  4. SSL verification: ensures that users do not see a certificate warning or error when visiting your site.
  5. Network security: Validate network security by making sure there is no opportunity for hackers to access the server.
  6. Drive-by downloads: scans the website to ensure visitors are not being infected with viruses.
  7. Protection against SQL injection and XSS (cross-site scripting): performs forward and backward-looking scans to make sure that visitor data is secure.
  8. Application security: verifies that any 3rd-party applications installed on your website are secure.
  9. Business Verification: certifies the validity of the business and provides a certification badge to display to website visitors to let them know that the website is legitimate.
  10. Domain ownership: ensures that the domain owner is in control of the website domain.
  11. Postal Address: verifies that the site owner can receive postal mail, such as customer payments.
  12. Phone Verification: ensures that there is a phone number where customers can report issues.

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Additional information

SiteLock also checks your website's health to make sure it stays off Google's blocklists and provides a trust seal that shows visitors that the site is protected.

The virus scanner works by pulling the files from your daily scans and comparing them to an industry-leading database of virus signatures to determine if there is any match between your site and known malicious code. Because this is an intensive process, the scan is done on a rolling basis, downloading a piece of your site each day. For most sites, this process is completed within 30 days.

If SiteLock finds a vulnerability it will inform the site owner by email, and with an alert in the SiteLock Dashboard. The report will provide complete information about the issue that is found along with help to remove it.
Site visitors will not be alerted to any problems. The SiteLock seal will simply continue to display the date of the last good scan of the website site. 

If the site owner fails to rectify the problem, within a few days SiteLock will remove the seal from the site and replace it with a single pixel transparent image. At no point will SiteLock display any indication to visitors that a website has failed a scan.

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