TLD Reference Chart

The TLD reference chart is a great way to find information specific to a TLD, such as the registry provider, grace and redemption periods, and other details about the TLD.

TLD types

ccTLD Country-based TLD
gTLD General TLD
geoTLD Geographical TLD


To narrow your search on the reference sheet, you can set filters to search for TLDs associated with a specific registry or to see what domains are auto-renew only, and the list goes on.

  1. Open the TLD reference Chart and select the Filter Icon
  2. Select the filters you want.

Column search

You can also sort columns by clicking on the drop-down icon in the upper right corner of a column. 

  1. Select the drop-down icon of the column you wish to search, then select Sort sheet.
  2. In the Filters view, select the three verticle lines.
  3. Select your filters and choose OK.

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Columns explained

There are many columns in the TLD reference chart. Here is what they represent

Grace and Redemption

- Number of days
- N means no grace period or redemption
- Grace period not guaranteed

Explicit renewal

Whether TLD can be manually renewed or not

Auto-renew by default

Whether the domain is set to auto-renew upon registration

Delete days before expiry

domains deleted x days before expiry if not renewed or set to auto-renew

Whois Privacy

Whether WHOIS privacy is supported or not

Domain locking

Domain locking


Unless otherwise specified, incoming transfers have one year added to the registration period.


If the domain has an Authcode

Registry provider

This column lists the technical provider for the registry's backend system. The registry is listed in the cell note if it differs from the technical provider.

Registry WHOIS

 Link to the WHOIS


The country for the domain, if applicable

Reg levels offered

Registration levels, eg,


Whois Privacy



DNS Requirements

Number of Nameservers required


If DNSSEC is supported or not

IDNs available


Premium names

If premium domains are supported

TLD policies

TLD domain policies

Additional information

Any additional information

API call

We try to keep the information on the reference chart up to date. However, if you want to check the information's accuracy, you can do so by whitelisting your IP first, then by running a GetTLDdetails API call.

Note: API calls are available to reseller accounts only, not retail accounts. 

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