Recovering domains from redemption

When a domain expires, the process of recovery varies depending on the TLD. Some domains may enter redemption 30 days after the renewal grace period ends. The redemption recovery fee is $250 in addition to a minimum one-year renewal of the domain. We do not provide refunds on any domains processed in redemption, and the charges will only process if the redemption process is successful.

If your domain isn't in your account, but a WHOIS lookup shows the domain is with Enom and in redemption, submit a verified support request agreeing to the redemption fee and renewal fee to authorize support to recover the domain for you.

Important: Once a domain enters redemption, there is no guarantee for recovery. 

How to recover your domain from redemption

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. From the Domains dropdown choose My domains.
  3. Select the Redemption tab.
  4. Find and select the domain you want to redeem.
    Note: If you only have one domain, it will auto-populate to that page.
  5. Click Add years on the domain page.
  6. Verify the domain name, the number of years, and then press Checkout now.
  7. Click Submit order.
    Note: Your order number is a reference order only, not verifying that the order was processed completely.

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