Managing reseller commissions

As a reseller, you earn commission from your sub-accounts. You can request commission payouts or have them transferred to your account balance. There is a 90-day hold on the reseller's commission balance. Commission payouts are made monthly, and commissions earned from the 6th and the 5th will be paid no later than the 5th of the following month.

Viewing commission and requesting a payout

Commission payouts can be requested to be added to your account balance, or you can request a check payout. Funds have a 90-day hold before you can request a payout, moving funds to the account balance can take up to 24 hours to be processed. 

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Go to My Account, followed by My commissions.
  3. Select your option of payout. 
    Note: Payments are made by ACH or by check. We do not offer payments by PayPal or wire transfer.
  4. To receive a check payout, enter your details.
    Note: Payments will only be made for $100 or greater. If the payout is under $100, the amount will be credited to your account.

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