.FYI cost and price changes

.FYI domains initially registered before May 15, 2024, at 17:00 UTC have been grandfathered by the registry and are now considered premium.

Existing registered domain name changes

All .FYI, domain names registered before May 15 at 17:00 UTC will be grandfathered.

New pricing for .FYI, domains

The new structure will take effect after May 15, 2024.

Reseller Tier Old pricing
Essential $22
Advanced $21
Premium $20
Enterprise $19

Domain transaction types impacted

Registrations, renewals, and transfers of domains after 17:00 UTC on May 15 will be under the new pricing structure.

API changes

If a grandfathered domain expires, it will re-register at the premium price. This action will apply to a new registrant.

The API will work without change for renewals. If the domain expires by mistake, a reseller must enable the premium API to re-register the domain name.

  • The price would differ from regular TLD pricing for the account. These orders can only be put through as single orders within a year to ensure they see the price and confirm the order. There is no tag stating premium.
    Note: Premium domains at Enom only allow for 1-year extension at a time.

  • Grandfathered domains will transfer into Enom at the premium price.
  • You can register or transfer in a grandfathered .FYI domain in your Enom account like any other registry premium domain.
  • To register or transfer a grandfathered .FYI domain via the API, follows the same process.
Enom control panel API change
For Renewal
  • There is no change and follows the standard renewal process. The only difference is that the price will differ from the regular TLD rate.
For Re-Register
  • The domain would be identified as premium if checked
  • Resellers must pass a specific API parameter (CustomerSuppliedPrice) and include the price, to process the renewal or re-registration.
  • If a specific price is not included in the renewal call, an error will be returned, and the action will fail.
For transfers
  • Transfers will operate like re-registrations. 
  • It will require the setting "CustomerSuppliedPrice" to be provided.

This process is outlined in the Enom API guide documentation.

Taking advantage of the new .FYI pricing

The price change will take effect automatically on all new registrations, renewals, and transfers at 17:00 UTC on May 15, 2024. No additional steps are required to access the new reduced cost .FYI domains, but we strongly recommend adjusting your retail cost to ensure .FYI remains competitively priced. This will better enable you to take advantage of .FYI immense growth opportunity and broad customer appeal.

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